Top 5 Products to See at the Harvey Norman Connected Home at the Ideal Home Show


The Ideal Home Show is almost here, bringing inspiration to the RDS in Dublin from the 17th to the 19th of April. And Harvey Norman will be there in force with a specially commissioned sample house that’s designed to showcase the full Connected Home experience.

Connected Homes are all about integrating smart technology into your rooms, with clever lighting, music players and even thermostats which you can control remotely with your smartphone. Check out the top 5 Connected Home products you need to know about before the show.

Drop Connected Kitchen Scales

Get cooking with technology using the Drop. It was invented by an Irish company and is designed to replace your kitchen scales and your cookbook at the same time!

You simply pair your smartphone to the Drop Scales and decide what you’re going to cook. Then the sophisticated app shows you exactly what ingredients you need and how to assemble them into a culinary masterpiece.

There are hundreds of recipes on offer, and you can even make changes on the fly – if you use less ingredients Drop will automatically adjust the other values. And it all syncs wirelessly to your phone in seconds, without having to root out a book.The Drop is available now at Harvey Norman.

Nest Learning Thermostat & Smoke Alarm

Nest made a big impression with their learning thermostat – a device which allowed you to have total control over your heating from anywhere on your smartphone!

The Learning Thermostat would also start to notice patterns in your daily life, eventually realising that you liked the heat to come on at 7am on weekdays, and a little later at the weekends. It’s a fascinating use of Connected Home technology which is simple to use but really makes your life easier.

Nest has also expanded its range to create a Protect Smoke and CM Alarm. It’s not just a sophisticated device for measuring the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide in the home, also features smart alerts which can let you know whenever there’s a change in your homes atmosphere. It’s a great extra piece of security and safety for a family or even an elderly relative who lives alone.

Sony Android TV

Smart TV’s are about to get even smarter, with new systems powered by Google’s impressive Android OS.

It’s an all new version of the operating system which has been designed from the ground up for TV’s. That means a slick and responsive interface at all times, and remembering that most people will be interacting with something as simple as a TV remote control!

One of the biggest companies getting behind the Android TV revolution is Sony, and they’ll be offering a special remote which includes a build in mouse-like trackpad to make your navigation easier. And it will also have a microphone for full voice control, like when you talk to your smartphone now!

You’ll have access to the Google Play store and the ability to share your smartphone screen with ease, and all of this will make it easier than ever to enjoy a world of entertainment on your TV.

Belkin WeMo

Belkin produce a range of products which make your home work for you. That includes a smart lightbulb which lets you do things like turning the lights on and off from your phone – perfect for making it look like there’s someone home when you’re away.

You can also do the same with any socket in your home, with WeMo app helping you keep track of exactly how much electricity you’re using on a daily basis. Use it to help cut costs and to make sure appliances are safe, even if you’re already a long way from home.

Check out the Belkin WeMo Light System and Home Plug System at Harvey Norman.

Samsung 10kg EcoBubble Wifi Washing Machine

The Samsung WW10H9600EW/EU will revolutionize your laundry experience. With a minimal and stylish design, it will also make sure you save energy and money around the house.

It’s all operated via a slick and intuitive touchscreen LCD display so you’ll always know exactly what you’re selecting and you can also remotely control your washing machine from your phone. That means you can start the cycle while you’re on your way home, so the spin is just finishing as you get in the door – the perfect way to ensure you don’t get that damp clothes smell.

To see all of these products and more visit the Harvey Norman Connected Home at the Ideal Home Show from the 17th to the 19th of April 2015 at the RDS, Dublin! For more on the show, click here.

In Short: Harvey Norman will be at the Ideal Home Show this April with their Connected Home showcase, here’s what you can see

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