You’ve Been Putting on Duvet Covers Wrong Your Whole Life!


Putting on duvet covers, it’s like its own special hell.

These massively cumbersome things seem intent on trapping you in layers of cloth and acres of material which is comfortable on a bed but becomes suffocating when it’s on the move.

So you turn your duvet cover inside out and try to sneak up on the duvet, pinioning its stubby corners and willing the material to cover its foamy surface. Many struggles later and you have a result which looks like you tried to stuff a rectangle inside a square, and you’ve probably bashed yourself on something.

If this sounds like you (and we know it does) then worry no more because – as luck would have it – you’ve been doing that thing all wrong for your entire life.

Behold, the ultimate Duvet Roll!

That’s pretty amazing stuff.

While we’re not as confident as Stephanie Sisco that this is a one person operation (what if the duvet escapes?!) she does make it look effortless and we still can’t quite get our heads around how it works while they’re rolled around each other.

Why not try it out for yourself, you’ll find all the equipment you need at Harvey Norman

In Short: No one enjoys putting a new duvet cover on the bed, or at least they didn’t before they discovered the amazing Duvet Roll!

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