Accessories For Your Bedroom

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You might have noticed that during the month of May we’ve been talking about bedding quite a lot! We’ve done so because we want to give you all the tools you need to turn your bedroom into your favourite room in your house. We’ve covered everything from on-trend beds to sleep hygiene and today we want talk about accessories. Included within accessories are a range of products such as duvet covers, cushions, throws, lighting and wall art. We want to concentrate on these five today and tell you all about how they can benefit your bedroom and turn it into the most inviting and comfortable room in your home.

Duvets & Duvet Covers


Duvets and their covers play vital roles in your bedroom. Not only do they offer you the chance to add extra colour and an eye-catching design, they also deliver comfort and health benefits. Take the Anti Allergy duvet for example which is anti bacterial, fights dust mites and with a 4.5 tog, regulates your temperature in warm weather. When adorned in a stunning duvet cover such as the Aztec, you’ll create a duvet set that’s a delight to get under and difficult to get out of.

Cushions & Pillows


During one of your visits to one of our many stores you may have been taken aback by a strange looking contraption located near our pillows. Don’t worry, it’s just our pillow measurement tool. We use it to find the perfect pillow to suit and improve the way you sleep, with benefits such as neck support available in this Clusterball filled Linen Room pillow. We take it further than support however, as many of our pillows, such as the Anti Allergy, fight dust mites and allergens. We also have a large selection of cushions that are perfect for decorating either a bed or chair. The Scatterbox Kaleidoscope Cushion for example uses its colours to add bursts of energy to the entire decor while also being very comfortable and supportive.



Throws are extremely diverse. They can be draped across the back of your sofa or the foot of your bed, bringing comfort and warmth to both places. Today, we want to focus on their benefit to your bedroom. We have a wide range of colours and fabrics to choose from, ensuring that whatever existing colour scheme you have, there’s a throw to match. Some of our throws such as the Pure New Wool have tasseled ends while others, like the Fay & Melody Fleece, feature beautiful designs and chic combinations of colour. Whatever throw you choose, it’s sure to add a whole new dimension to your bedroom.



Lighting in your bedroom can come from many sources, be it natural or artificial. We all know that come bed time it’s best to dim the lights and ease yourself into a sleepy state. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add trendy, stylish pieces to your bedroom for every other hour of the day. Adjustable table lamps such as the Task Grey are perfect when it comes to lighting different areas of your bedroom, with its smart design also suitable for night time reading. Floor lamps and pendants also add a touch of contemporary style, with the simple designs of the Marble White & Gold lamp and Geometric Gold Ceiling Light proving that subtlety is often the most effective approach to design.


Wall Art

wall art

Wall Art gives you the chance to bring an accessory into your home that can provoke thought and set the mood at the same time. Depending on your taste, you can add a touch of the natural world, such as All For Show, or a piece of art that will help you find your happy place, like the peaceful Washy Coast. Pieces like this Waterlily bring bursts of colour into your bedroom, in turn creating an eye-catching focal point in a part of your room that may have otherwise remained blank. Your entire home is essentially a space for you to create, with your bedroom being a place where your personality can really shine through.

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