Get Fit For Sleep


We here at Harvey Norman are sleep lovers. We’re always looking for the latest technology and innovations to improve every aspect of our beds, with the end goal of improving your sleep being the central focus. This means we have to consider every part of your bed, from its mattress to its pillows, and discover what role they play and how they can be improved. It’s not an easy process, but testing them out at the end sure helps! Today’s post is here to help you piece together a bed that will offer both sleep and health benefits, with a focus on four main parts; mattresses, protectors, duvets and pillows.



Your mattress may just be the most important part of your bed. It’s the piece you put the most consideration into because after all, you’ll be sleeping on it for the foreseeable future. Today’s mattresses are made up of increasingly innovative features such as body contouring gel and eco-friendly fibres. The Majestic Dream Mattress is one of these innovative mattresses and here’s why. It features a layer of Geltex®, an elastic gel and air-permeable foam that provides breathability and is also hypoallergenic. The mattress delivers its comfort in the form of 2,000 pocket springs and a tufted cover. All of these features create a mattress that you really have to experience for yourself to fully appreciate. You can find equally innovative features in the Ortho Classic, Ortho Sleep Plush, Louisville, Michigan and Majestic Sleep.



Your mattress protector may be one of the less thought of items for your bed but that doesn’t diminish its importance. In fact, our range of protectors include anti-aging benefits that work wonders for your skin. The BSensible Mattress Protector is a prime example of their usefulness. As well as anti-aging benefits, it’s also waterproof and 100% cotton, two features that assure you of consistent comfort.



It’s a case of by name and by nature for the Boutique Silk Duvet whose name justifies its feel. It boasts a jacquard design on a 100% cotton cover that encases a sleep-inducing blend of Smartfil® fibres and pure silk. As well as the Boutique, you can also avail of the Breathe or Spundown duvets who both offer equally comfortable features.


breathe pillow

If you’re finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, don’t blame us, blame The Fine Bedding Company instead. They’re the creators behind the Breathe Pillow that’s filled with Smartfil® fibres. These fibres are highly resilient and soft as silk as well as being much lighter than your average pillow. The range also offers the Boutique Silk or Square Spundown Pillows, making your decision that bit more difficult, but your sleep a whole lot more comfortable.

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