How Do You Sleep At Night?

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Here at Harvey Norman we have a wide range of tailor-made mattresses that cater for every kind of sleeper. Now, you might be asking yourself what “every kind of sleeper” means and that’s what we want to explain today. We all sleep differently so we all have different needs. There are those of us who twist and turn for what seems like hours trying to find a comfortable position, and there are those who could sleep on a cold concrete floor. Well, maybe not, but we all do favour different kinds of comfort and support. That’s where your mattress comes in. Finding the right one to suit the kind of sleeper you are will save you restless nights and groggy days. We also have a fantastic ‘4 Day Mattress Sale’ starting today, so we encourage you to continue reading to find a bed that maximizes your sleep each and every night.

Irish Made

Harvey Norman have always supported local businesses and carefully chosen who to work with to guarantee high quality products. These businesses include mattress producers who work tirelessly to improve your sleep. In fact, an incredible 75% of our mattresses are Irish made and expertly crafted. Each of the mattresses featured below are Irish made and tailored to suit a certain sleeper.

King Koil Mighty

mightyBoth supportive and comforting, the Mighty mattress is full of advanced features such as inner-coils and multi-edged support that create the foundation for a peaceful sleep each night. Endorsed by chiropractors, this is also the perfect mattress for extra back support.

King Koil Jubilee


Built to last, the Jubilee mattress is perfect for those of us who require extra support. An inch of high density foam cushioning covers the dual-coil system that has set the standard when it comes to comfort and support. It’s even hypoallergenic and chiropractor endorsed, two health benefits not often found in one single mattress.

Thermopure 25

thermo 25Features such as body contouring and pressure reliving abilities are usually enough to carry a mattress across your threshold, but the Thermopure doesn’t stop there. Adding a layer of Kaytex foam topped with memory foam and an upholstery of Tencel to the list, this mattress becomes almost unbeatable in terms of features.

Pure Gel 25

pure gel

Up there with the best, the Pure Gel 25 contains the perfect amount of pocket springs and Kaytex foam to create a sleep inducing mattress. That’s not all however, as Kaymed K3 Gel regulates your temperature and shifts around your body to match its shape. So, if restless nights are beginning to wear you down, try the Pure Gel 25 whose features all aim at creating better sleep.

Vitality Natural


The ‘Natural’ side of the Vitality comes from the inclusion of its cotton and bamboo cover that encases 1,600 pockets springs, in turn providing you with the foundation for optimal sleep. That’s not all it has to offer though as the cotton is also temperature sensitive and hypoallergenic. So, if you’re looking for a cooler, healthier sleep, you can find it in the Natural Vitality.

Wool Deluxe

wool deluxe

Imagine for a moment a mattress that can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sounds like wishful thinking right? Not anymore. The Wool Deluxe does both while also being hypoallergenic, keeping you safe from dust mites and allergens. With 1,000 pocket springs and its indulgent wool, the mattress offers the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Our ‘4 Day Mattress Sale’, as mentioned above, begins today, May 17th and finishes on Sunday the 20th of May. Be sure to shop in-store or online to find a mattress that suits your needs before the offer ends!

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