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Designed For You By Us is a collection that requires the involvement of three parties; Harvey Norman, Colourtrend and you, the customer. While ourselves and the Colour Consultants of Colourtrend have worked together to choose a range of opulent bedroom furniture and a selection of subtle colours, you add the final touch which is personality. It’s  your bedroom and it should represent who you are and be a place that you can relate to and relax in. We’ve done our part so now it’s up to you to find the range and colour that suits your style.


Established in 1953, Colourtrend is a range of 100% premium Irish paint that uses only the highest quality materials to provide a durable finish. The 8 colours that make up this collection have been carefully chosen and draw on inspiration from the beautiful Irish landscape. The 8 colours include: Old Bone, Oyster Bed, Silver Birch, Wolfhound, Minimal, Silk Seal, Vintage Silver and Arctic Blonde. With such a diverse range of colour, personalising your dream bedroom has never been easier, or more fun!


Bouvard Double Bed Frame

The Bouvard range consists of a whole host of fabulous pieces, one of which is this bed frame. It’s chic and understated with intricate details throughout, in turn creating an elegant piece. Finished with an ash veneer top, vintage legs and a fabric cushioned headboard headboard, this is a range that looks and feels fantastic from every angle.


Lynwood Double Bed Frame

The Harvey Norman and Colourtrend partnership began with the Lynwood and it’s easy to see why. Its clean finishes, subtle touches of metal and all round classic shapes complement all of the colours available. This bed frame is the centrepiece of the lot with its elegant build, bracket feet and sophisticated details. In keeping with the spirit of being a diverse range, you can even choose your own headboard fabric to suit your decor.


Ascott Double Bed Frame

Look no further than the Ascott in your search for an elegant range of bedroom furniture. Natural oak tops complete the pieces but it’s still up to you to add the personality. Whatever colour you choose, the finer details such as the metal handles still work with it to create a timeless design. With the bed frame you get all the perks of the range with the added charm of the slatted headboard and an overall clean finish.


Windsor Double Bed Frame

The Windsor range takes inspiration from Napoleon design but requires your personal touch to make itself at home. If one particular piece was to make its presence felt more than most it would be the bed frame, whose oak tops and detailed finishes add a sense of elegance to your home. To further increase the appeal and really make it your own, choose a Colourtrend colour and see how effortlessly it suits your decor.

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