A Way of Light

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Lighting plays a major role in illuminating your decor. You can add further style, class and personality to your home with the right light or lamp and the flip of a switch. Some lights are of a classy nature that no less fit into any decor, while others bring a chic design perfect for lighting up a contemporary layout. In saying that, we’ve sieved through our wide selection of lighting available to bring you five pieces that will light up your home, and your life.

Latham Large Light €240_preview

The Latham Large Chandelier is certainly not your usual dining or living room light, but then again, it doesn’t have to be. Your decor is completely unique to you and every piece of it represents your personality. So, by adding this elegant chandelier to your home you can bring your entire decor and what it means to you to life.

bee lamp

By pulling together a highly detailed pattern and an eye-catching combination of colours, the Honeycombe Lamp guarantees satisfaction in more ways than one. While the Queen Bee takes centre stage, its honeycomb coloured pattern comes to the fore against the black backdrop. Capped off with a black shade, this lamp is perfect for either your living or dining room.

Rose Textured Glass Oval Pendant Light €100_preview

The Rose Textured Glass Pendant is the answer to both your light and design needs. Its approach to chic style creates an aura that breathes new life into your decor in an instant. The glass shade has a ribbed effect and antique brass fitting, two finishes that complement each other even before the switch is flipped. The only trouble you’ll encounter is deciding which room deserves it most!

Lax Pendant Lamp €85_preview

We understand that the lure of this Lax Pendant Lamp may be its pairing of gold and green but we promise it also provides a lot of light! That being said, if a statement piece is what you have in mind then look no further. The contrast in colour isn’t unique to just this lamp, but also to the two other matching lamps available separately.

Oversized Brass Floor Lamp £150_preview

There’s no denying the captivating presence of the Giant Task Lamp. Its size and striking design combine in a flash to grab your attention and draw you in. Apart from its metal frame and brass finish, the other main attraction of the lamp is its ability to fit into any room and decor in your home.

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