Four Magical Materials

Stockholm Dining Table Ôé¼899, Carver Chair Ôé¼249, Bench Ôé¼349, Sideboard Ôé¼1199

With the recent release of our SS18 catalogue came our four major trends for the season. Our dining sets feature heavily within these trends and more prominently in ‘It’s a Material World’ where The Clean Sweep, Natural Beauty and Fine Finishes take centre stage. The making of those fabulous pieces rely upon four materials: glass, wood, ceramic and marble. Today, we want to delve a little deeper into these materials and tell you all about their wonderful features and timeless appeal.



Glass is one of the most stylish dining materials there is, with a clean, modern look that brings a light, airy feel to your home. Not only is glass wonderful to see, it also creates the illusion of space, further adding to the overall design. Take the Lucci featured below for example, whose sheen top is wonderfully contrasted by the wooden central leg. This pairing creates an inviting piece that will easily stand the test of time.


Lucci Extending Dining Table Ôé¼1999, Calvino Chair Ôé¼229



Wood possesses the ability to age beautifully, in turn confirming its status as a timeless material. Wooden dining tables such as the Stockholm featured below use their natural grain and warm appeal to create centrepieces that you and your home will benefit from for years to come.


Stockholm Dining Table Ôé¼899, Carver Chair Ôé¼249, Bench Ôé¼349, Sideboard Ôé¼1199



Ceramic is new to dining and we’ve been wondering why it’s taken so long for it to find its place at the heart of your home. Its modern appeal creates a dining table that is both functional and beautiful, in turn becoming everything your dining room needs. The Callisto is the prime example of its use in dining design, with sleek surfaces and an elegance that radiates into every corner of your decor.


Callisto Extending Dining Table Ôé¼1299, Aletta Chair Ôé¼199



Marble is well known for its unique appearance and characteristics. Aged over thousands of years, this stone is able to adapt to any modern design and bring a sense of elegance along with it. Featured below is the Carlow whose matt marble finish is the definition of stylish dining.


Carlow Dining Table Table Ôé¼999, Console Table Ôé¼699, Small Sideboard Ôé¼945, HUtchÔé¼899, Elsa Dining Chair Ôé¼145

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