SS18 Sneak Peek: Everyday Luxe


Welcome to Everyday Luxe, the trend that puts the peace back into your busy schedule. Too often these days we’re so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to take a moment for ourselves to find calm. That’s why we’ve created the trend that allows you to piece together a place where you can unwind and rediscover yourself. We’ve done so by bringing fresh, light tones together that despite their modern appeal, are capable of standing the test of time.


Everyday Luxe aims to create that hideaway we all need. That hideaway however, doesn’t need to be dull. That’s why this trend is full of warm pieces, each of which are firmly grounded in the idea of making your home more welcoming and comforting. While still maintaining the peacefulness, the basic palette of colour is struck by contrasting tones in specific areas to bring little bursts of energy to the decor. In considering the importance of creating this calm throughout your home, we’ve got something for every area. Think of it as your space to create if you will.


We’ve created this trend through the careful selection and combination of dining sets, sofas, homewares and many more furnishings. Additions such as mirrors, smoked glass pendants and elegant rugs combine to give you the tools you need to find yourself once more, while contemporary coffee tables and relaxing corner sofas work to alleviate stress. Glass pendants and uniquely designed cutlery add that extra sense of individuality to your space while also lending chic charms to the decor.

Everyday Luxe wraps up our Interiors Trends Sneak Peak collection! Thanks for joining us and don’t forget to grab your copy of the catalogue!

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