Design Ideas For Your Living Room


Our living room is the epicenter of ours homes. It’s where the family comes together at the end of the day to spend time together and unwind. During the weekends, it sees a flurry of activity with sports and films to be watched. It’s not all about use however. We feel warmth in our living rooms. We feel safe. We know it’s somewhere we can go to relax and take the weight off our feet. More often than not, our living room also captures the true essence of our home. From the decor to the furniture, we create the personality of our home in that room. So, how do we create that personality? How do we show visitors that our home is important to us? Through the careful choice of colour, furniture, lighting and accessories of course. We want our living room’s to be perfect for both family and friends, a place where you can find peace and also entertain. So take a step back and glance over your existing living room decor and survey what you have to play with. Then, it’s time to get to work!


The first step in designing your living room is to decide the style and colour you want. Are you looking for a minimalist style, with plain tones and an emphasis on space? Or perhaps you want something retro with vibrant colours, funky furniture and plants being the central focus. Whatever it is, you need to decide before you do anything else. Choosing light, calming tones such as white or light grey allow you to add almost any colour through your furniture and accessories without causing a problem. Bright shades such as yellow, red or purple lend their energy to create a personality within the room. With a colour direction in mind, designing the room will be a lot easier.

Create Harmony(Furniture)


Let’s face it, most of us see our living room furniture as its most important factor. We also want each piece to be just perfect. Comfort, style, material and many more factors come into consideration when choosing your sofa, armchair, bookshelf and tables. It’s extremely important that you find a flow between your furniture because the style needs to make sense. This is actually quiet a simple task once you have your decor defined. A sofa may be the first addition, setting the rest of your living room up nicely to follow suit. Bring an armchair into the mix for extra comfort and seating options and the room really begins to come to life. The center of the room should be saved for a stylish, practical coffee table. A hint of contrast goes a long way here, so don’t be afraid to envision an unusual piece taking up the space.


The lighting in your living room comes in three main forms: the natural light from outside, the main light hanging in the middle of the room and smartly placed lamps. If you have a large amount of natural light entering your home, be sure to make the most of it. Allow it to fill your room and create an inviting environment. With your main central light, you have a host of options. Simple shades work well when trying to keep the focus on the rest of the decor and furniture. Larger shades and chandeliers are the opposite, they call out for attention and can wonderfully accentuate and finish a style. Hanging lamps an pendants offer a chic charm whereas chandeliers dazzle the unsuspecting eye, bringing a luxurious feel to the room. Dotting lamps in two or three locations is a smart way to light up otherwise dark corners or help you while reading. Combining these three options means you’ve every situation covered, from family gatherings to more tranquil evenings.



Accessories add the final touches to your now updated decor. Colourful cushions can bring bursts of light to your sofa or armchair while a central rug exudes warmth and comfort for your feet and decor alike. Pictures and wall art are also wonderful additions to any living room decor. When chosen correctly, in tandem with the decor and your vision, they bring life to empty walls and in turn create engaging focal points. Vases and faux plants do likewise with there timeless appeal. Subtle hints of the natural world such as a bouquet of flowers on your coffee table bring a freshness and glow to the room that furniture just can’t deliver. Introducing these accessories one at a time or in pairs works best as you will find the right balance and not overcrowd the room in one overzealous flurry of excitement.

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