Desks For Your Home Office


As with study, working from home is often a split between convenience and restlessness. On one hand you get to work and study in the comfort of your own home, able to avoid the commute and added cost. On the other hand, you find yourself moving from room to room looking for a space where you can avoid distraction and concentrate. One way to fix that issue is to set up your own home office, complete with a suitable desk. At Harvey Norman, we’ve a wide range of desks that are perfect for both study and work, so today we’ve selected five that meet your needs. From the spacious to the stylish, each one has been carefully selected to make your life easier.

The Ebony Office desk oozes the kind of prestige and class that inspires use and enjoyment and makes those working from home hours worth while with its rural charms. Metal handles and roller drawers complete the functionality of the five small drawers and two larger ones, while the solid mountain ash with a visible grain further accentuates the overall appearance. With ample leg room and lots of table top space, this desk makes every day you work from home much more enjoyable.

Much like its larger, matching desk, the three drawer Ebony Office desk gives your home a rustic, intelligent touch. However, this desk brings with it a retractable shelf which is built in above the leg space. Its leather style top offers lots of space for a computer, folders and other accessories, with everything in the roller drawers being easily available with the pull of its metal handles.

You don’t need much more than the comfortable pairing of an office desk and chair to inspire your best work. The Stockholm is a wonderfully modern set that brings oak and leather finishes together in style. With a metal central leg and drawer handles, the table is subtle and minimal in design but abundant in contemporary features. The accompanying chair boasts a rippling tan leather upholstery which covers comfortably padded seating.

The Twitt Study desk makes the most of every inch of space it’s afforded. It boasts an almost endless amount of storage options, from compact drawers to open, spacious shelving. The desk also has plenty of space on its main top, ideal for your computer and office necessities. If working from home is a 9 to 5, this desk is perfect for you.

The simplistic design of the Urban is perfect for any home office or student’s study. With an open, spacious top and two concealed drawers above the leg space, storage is easy to come by and easy to access. The table also brings clean lines and a minimal approach to your decor while also fitting into any existing colour scheme effortlessly.

For many more home office options, drop in-store or shop online.

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