The Centre of Your Living Room


Every living room has a checklist of required furniture. You’ve got your sofa, armchair, lamp table and right in the middle of the room is your coffee table. It’s an essential part of the busiest room in your home and more often than not it’s used for many purposes. That’s why its important that your coffee table is both functional and pleasing on the eye. We want to help you find the perfect coffee table so today we’ve selected some of our favourites that are sure to work wonders for your living room.

The rustic warmth that the Hamburg exudes is one of a kind. Its solid acacia wood grain, finger jointed legs and metal handles are all reminiscent of days gone by. This charm fits perfectly into your home and with an abundance of storage space, the Hamburg is a truly unique living room centerpiece.

The Space coffee table brings minimal features to the fore in ways you’ve never seen before. Its design comprises of one single glass panel with rounded ends and inward legs. This creates not only the illusion of freedom and space, but actual space beneath the table that’s easy to access. The glass is also tempered, assuring you of safety in the long term.

The Alex is an intriguing coffee table that requires you to dig a little deeper to discover all of its bold features. At first glance it’s the metal legs and half glass top that catch your eye. The open storage space at the front is also purposeful but it’s what’s hidden at the back that’s the real head turner. Behind the glass half is the remaining wooden half which opens up to reveal a large storage space. This wooden half then doubles up as a shelf which allows for even more space for your books or TV accessories. That’s a whole lot of space in one coffee table!

Contemporary design is at its finest with the Trey Coffee table. The sleek pairing of glass and metal is brought to life not only by one large coffee table but also an accompanying smaller table, perfect as an extension, separate lamp table or free roamer for whenever needs it. The Trey coffee table is unique in the way it brings double the design and practicality to your home, all while maintaining a stunningly modern style.

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