Recline In Style & Comfort


Our living rooms have long been, along with the kitchen, the heart of the home. It’s where families come together, share good times and create valuable memories. Though we may not realise it in the moment, the setting of our living room is vital to the its comfort and inviting nature. Within that setting are our sofas and armchairs, places we often tussle with family members over. Baring in mind the importance of these seats, we’ve selected three sofas and an armchair that we feel might help you achieve greater comfort and create an even more homely living room.

Where do we start? The Kayde’s recliner feature and central console, its two cup holders, or perhaps its mix of fabric and bonded leather? It’s difficult to know which feature deserves more detail but what is obvious is the comfort and style it provides your living room. If grey upholstery doesn’t take your fancy, this sofa is also available in black.

The immediate features of the Mino may distract from its functionality and comfort only noticeable once you’ve taken your seat. Supple leather upholstery, intricate stitching and a unique buttoned backing all instantly catch your eye. Once you’ve had the chance to delve deeper you’ll discover its reclining feature, padded armrest and sumptuous headrests. With a range of colours available, you can find the perfect sofa to fit into your exiting decor.

Genuine leather runs its prestigious appeal all over this luxury sofa. The Bayle is a manual recliner with ample space for three, provided one quick thinker hasn’t already taken over the whole sofa. With padded armrests it would be hard to blame them, as well as the comfort of the triple-padded back cushions. This sofa is part of a fabulous range with a host of matching furniture available, perfect for when you want to add even more comfort and style to your living room.

Family time is cherished. When we look back we realise how much fun we had that one movie night or surprise birthday party. At the same time, a little personal space goes a long way, so why not do it in style and comfort. The Baron brings those two worlds together with ease. It’s a manual recliner with smooth, durable upholstery and unique panel stitching. These features paired with the recliner create a wonderful living room island, ideal for that evening escape.

For an even greater selection of recliner sofas, shop in-store or online.

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