Perfect Timing


Clocks are essential additions to almost every room in your home. In the bedroom, you may have an alarm clock, while in your living room, an antique clock that rests on your mantle piece. Certain clocks have the power to become the focal point of the room with their timeless designs, pardon the pun. It’s true however, as decors often need that final addition to really complete the look. We here at Harvey Norman have an array of wonderful clocks for you to choose from, so today we’ve selected five unique timepieces to suit any decor.

This hanging clock is unlike any other fixture in your home. Its nickel edge is wonderfully accentuated by the buckled leather strap from which it hangs. It’s a fashionable time piece that will bring a subtle hint of chic to any room you hang it in.

The intricate detail of this clock is what sets it apart. It features a map of days long gone by, the old world, including the mythical island of California. Its large digits and contrasting thin hands are encased by the rustic iron frame. It’s a wonderful addition to any home, bringing with it a bold, daring design.

The Putney Clock is all about simplicity. Its red, white and black colours work in tandem with the minimal minute marks and sleek hands to create a contemporary focal point suitable for a range of rooms. Simply hang it on your wall and let the time wonderfully pass by.

Feast your eyes on the clock that brings the term, “time flies” to life. Its design resembles the early Biplanes, with its wonderful propeller face and tipped wings. It’s a clock that has no problem fitting into your current decor and adding some charm along the way.

There’s an immediate glow of class from the Master Edwards Gold clock. Perhaps it’s the golden frame or the large hands, or perhaps it’s the understated face of the clock with its sleek digits and minute marks. Whatever the appeal may be, you can be sure it will tick every box to fit into your existing decor.

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