Kitting Out Your Kid’s Bedroom


We all remember our childhood bedrooms. It’s where our fantasies ran free, where dreams came to life and where we played with friends for hours on end. A kids bedroom helps to build the foundation of who they become, so it’s important that they’re comfortable, have all the space they need and are given everything they need to grow and flourish. We’ve put together a short list of useful bedroom furniture and bedding that will give your child every opportunity to learn, have fun and enjoy the time they spend in their room.

This Charlie bunk bed is truly one of a kind. At first glance you won’t even see all of its features, so it’s important to take a closer look. Conveniently placed below the bottom bunk is a large storage drawer that easily fits clothes, shoes, bedding accessories or toys. Also on the first bunk level is an extensive shelving unit that’s the perfect hang out for your kids toys or books. This shelving also appears on the top bunk and includes a top shelf, offering even more space. A wide stepped ladder is built into the bed for safe access to the top bunk.

Feast your eyes on one of the most unique and diverse bunk beds there is. The Katherine day bed with built in trundle is a beautiful option for your child’s bedroom when it comes to saving and optimising space. The trundle easily rolls out from beneath the bed, making it perfect for sleepovers when its use as a sofa runs out. The frame features wonderful metal scrollwork in a traditional style, with a white painted finish and rounded bedposts.

Creating an area of your child’s bedroom for study is extremely important. Even the sight of a study desk can encourage them to take out a book or do homework, in turn creating healthy habits that they will take with them into their teenage years. This desk in particular gives them everything they need, from a spacious table top to three large storage drawers. While its soft white shade won’t dazzle or distract them, it will also easily blend into any existing bedroom colour scheme.

The popsicle is the perfect drawer chest to make the most of your child’s bedroom space and increase storage options. It features three large drawers which are suitable for clothes and two smaller drawers, perfect for accessories or smaller clothing items. Completely made of pine, the drawer will be a reliable fixture in their room for years to come. Its top is also very spacious, creating room for books, lamps or a globe!

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