Harvey’s Bedroom Storage Solutions


We here at Harvey Norman have everything you need to build your perfect home, from dining tables to sofabeds and every kitchen utensil you need. We also have everything you need to put together your dream bedroom. Sadly, your bedroom is a part of your home that often follows a well worn route. There are the basics; a bed, a wardrobe, a dresser and possibly a chair. Beyond that, it’s often a case of trial and error as to what you actually need and what actually suits the decor. That’s why today, we want to show you a range of fantastic furniture that can help you when it comes to finding the right additions, storage and saving space.

The immediate features of the Duval Ottoman you may notice are its wooden feet and buttoned and winged headboard. However, this bed offers much, much more. Beneath its flat slat system is an incredible amount of storage space, accessible through a fantastic gas lift function. This space provides more than enough room for a whole host of bedroom accessories and clutter. This base is also available in two colours, meaning there’s one waiting to fit right into your current decor.

Putting a unique stamp on your bedroom, or any room in your home, is vital. That uniqueness is captured in the Bouvard bedside drawer, an exclusive to Harvey Norman. Its eye-catching legs lead up to three antique brass handled, easy open and close drawers that give you all the space you need for bedside accessories. Its top is spacious enough for a lamp, a stack of books, or both! You can even customise the finish, all of which beautifully accentuate the ash veneer top. These small additions to your bedroom truly complete it and make it an area of your home that you can take pride in.

The reason we’ve chosen the Jutzler Wardrobe to be part of our space saving blueprint is because of its contrasting cream coloured finish and subtle wooden handles. A small hint of an unusual colour pairing can often work wonders for your decor. This wardrobe also happens to be an incredible storage solution, with a seemingly endless amount of space at your disposal. There’s also ample space to hang clothes, store towels, shoes and smaller bedroom necessities in three easy/open drawers.

While it’s obviously not a storage solution, we still think it’s important to have a flow run through your bedroom, one that makes it both inviting in warmth and eye-catching in design. The Durham Chair is so perfectly matched to the Duval Ottoman that it’s almost unfair not to bring them together. The chair continues the buttoned design while also adding a fabulous studded pattern on the front of its arms. Fully upholstered in fabric, the chair is also finished with sturdy wooden legs.

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