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The Christmas season brings with it ups and downs. It’s a wonderful time of year where decoration takes centre stage in your home. Sadly, the time must come for you to pack your tree back into its box, take down the fairy lights and remove the decorations from the wall. This can leave your home feeling bare and cold, so it’s important to fill the void and create a new appeal. Your living space needs something that has soul, a focal point that draws you in yet brings your entire home to life. The answer to this issue is Wall Art. Whether it’s a painting by your favourite artist, a collection of trends or some of your own prints, wall art can greatly benefit your home and accentuate its decor.

One of the top current trends in wall art is that of the natural world. It’s essence, beauty and spirit is being explored more so than ever before and becoming a much more central feature in your home. We’ve selected a range of pieces to show you the stunning, invigorating presence the natural world can have in your home.

Country Dusk

When guests arrive at your home you want them to stop, stare, and admire its many beautiful features. Inspired by the natural world, this stunning landscape print piece is encased by a champagne frame which will have friends and family alike admiring its depth and meaning.

Floral Elegance

Floral statement pieces are due to be a major trend in 2018 and this beautiful piece embodies everything that is unique about the trend. The silver frame plays its part in capturing the essence and natural beauty of the flower, while the innocence of white will help turn your wall space into a beginners gallery.


The varying shades of this champagne framed floral print provide your living room with a calming new focal point. Any bare wall space in your home will appreciate its presence, while you and your guests will appreciate its beauty.


Blue-art is on-trend at the moment and it’s no surprise when you see this floral masterpiece. A wondrous natural creation, the subtle hints of blue paired with the vivid colours of this botanical print will instantly bring your wall space to life.

Bleak Low

The mountainous range captured in Bleak low seems to create its own personality, thus giving your home a new lease of life. Its serene features create an emotive response, leading you to question its meaning. By adorning your wall space is such a fantastic piece, you accentuate your home and add a daring new centrepiece.

Add one of these unique pieces to your home or bring them all together to create the quintessential collage of natural beauty.

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