Top 5 Tips for Keeping Warm At Your Desk This Winter


It’s getting close to Christmas and while that means all kinds of presents are on the way, unfortunately that happy place of gifts exists right in the middle of the freezing cold wasteland known as winter-time.

Its winter and it’s going to get seriously miserable outside and that means, for some of us, it’s also going to get chilly inside. And it’s proven that being cold means you’re less productive at whatever it is you’re doing. Sitting at a desk all day isn’t the best way to retain body heat anyway but we’ve got some handy tips for getting through the days without losing a finger to frostbite.

Get MovingYou’ve no doubt heard (and completely ignored) the advice that you should really get away from your computer every hour but this becomes even more important during the winter months.

Any kind of movement helps to warm you up and also gives you more energy. If you’re finding you can’t concentrate on a task, just walk away from it for a couple of minutes. This is the ideal time to take a stroll up and down the stairs a couple of times, getting the blood pumping and giving you more focus for the job at hand.

For the more hardcore among us, a quick trip outside gets you bonus points. A blast of icy wind and rain is guaranteed to wake you up, and you’ll get the benefit of feeling like it’s extra warm inside when you return.

Bring Your Own HeatingIn particularly cold situations, sometimes there’s nothing for it but to bring some electrical backup.

A small fan heater or radiator can be left under your desk until you need it most, and can provide that boost you might need in the morning. It’s a brilliant way to cure ease cold toes or even wet extremities when the weather gets truly wretched and some models can also provide cooling air when the temperatures rise.

You can get aDimplex fan heater for under €20 at Harvey Norman or get a heating and cooling solution with style by going for the Dyson range.

Dress AppropriatelyWe’re all pretty good at layering on the wooly hats, scarves and winter coats, but sometimes you have to prepare for your work day as well.

Many people suffer from extremely cold fingers while typing, a natural consequence of limited blood flow while sitting in a way the body really wasn’t designed for. Fingerless gloves are a real godsend, helping to keep the heat in your palms while retaining the dexterity you need for typing.

Wear a jumper, bring decent shoes that aren’t too tight (which can restrict your blood flow) and our top tip is an extra pair of socks – there’s nothing worse than sitting with sodden toes after a miserable commute.

Eat for HeatA cup of tea or coffee is a great way to not only get you away from your desk for a few minutes but also send soothing waves of heat into your body. There are a variety of kettles on offer at Harvey Norman, and you can even pick up the Russell Hobbs Quiet Boil Kettle which will ensure the noisy element wont interrupt any conversations.

Lunchtime is also of vital importance and, short of going out for an expensive restaurant meal, you could always opt for some home-made soup. Adding the ingredients yourself means you can be sure that everything is as healthy as possible. And you can make more than a liter of fresh soup in minutes with the Bosch Food Processor. Heat it up and get ready to be super productive after lunch!

Seek Out SunshineEven on the coldest of days, there’s still some sun in the sky. If you can, open up the blinds or curtains to let in some rays – not only will they help to bring some heat into the room but natural light is a soothing and pleasant alternative to lots of fluorescence. Provided it isn’t in your eyes!

You should also try to keep your environment as controlled as possible. Make sure outside doors and windows are closed and block gaps with draft excluders. If you’re finished with a meeting room, shut the door afterwards to make the most of the heat you have. One trick for those with ceiling fans is to reverse its normal direction, pushing that rising heat back into the room.

You can find all the electrical goods you need to keep warm this winter at Harvey Norman.

In Short: Fact – sometimes it’s really, really cold at your desk. These tips will help you get through the winter season with your digits intact

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