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We recently caught up with Ronan Keating and asked him what he is currently up to and about his role with the Marie Keating Foundation

So Ronan, what have you been up to since we caught up last year?

Wow where do I start?! I’ve moved into my 5th series of judge on X-Factor Australia, which has been loads of fun and loads of travel between here, Australia and New York. I’ve also toured with Boyzone – actually we’ve just finished recording our new BZ album which will be released later this year. Plus of course I’ve been working on my solo stuff and performing gigs around the UK & Europe. Oh and I’ve also taken on my first West End role as the lead guy in ‘Once’ which is very exciting (as well as nerve-wracking). There’s so much work to do for that, so I’ve been playing guitar every day and trying to keep the stress at bay. It has been a crazy busy year but I’ve managed to get along to a number of different charity events and of course spend quality time with Storm and the kids – that’s the time I enjoy the most.

Last year you recorded a Christmas song with Danni Minogue, any plans to release a Christmas album?

No set plans at this stage but there has been a bit of talk about one concept, which may or may not happen in time for this Christmas.

With so much international travel as part of your life, how do you find time to rest and relax?

I’m still trying to find it haha! The truth is it’s great to be busy and have so much going on but of course it’s very taxing too and there are times when I wish I could just pack up, take a month off with Storm and the kids, and just go enjoy life with them. Do nothing. But the reality is that like a lot of people, I can’t do that. I have responsibilities and I’m just so grateful that I’m still here doing what I love 20 years later and can provide for my family by doing it. I’m a lucky man so I try not to complain.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I find Storm’s feet under the covers & then I smile at her until she wakes up.

How does lack of sleep affect your performance onstage or onscreen?

I try not to let it. After years of being on the road and functioning on little sleep, I think my system has got used to getting by on little sleep. It’s like a mind-set – you don’t have an option so just keep going. No matter how tired I am, as soon as I get onto the stage or in front of a camera I turn it on, because that’s what I have to do and that’s what people have paid for.

Talk to us about your role in the Marie Keating Foundation and the great work you’ve done this year?

My role in the foundation is to continually create awareness about cancer and help people to understand that early detection is our greatest chance of survival against this disease. So getting involved in so many fantastic fundraising events such as this amazing, Harvey Norman Sleep Pink campaign now in its fourth year, our golf event, now in its 15th year and Marks & Spencer continually running events throughout the year. Also it is great to have been a part of setting up the Emeralds & Ivy ball both in the UK and Australia, this is how we are getting to so many people with the message of being cancer aware, we are educating as many people as possible so “to enlighten not frighten”.

What are the upcoming events happening with the Marie Keating Foundation?

Storm & I are hosting our third Australian Emeralds & Ivy ball on October 10th in Sydney, followed by the Emeralds & Ivy ball in London on December 6th. The London event will be in its tenth year, which is a huge achievement and milestone for us.

How can people get involved with the Marie Keating Foundation?

The best way to get involved would be through our website or social media @MarieKeating. Throughout October, you can also pop into Harvey Norman and other participating outlets and ‘give your bra for breast cancer.’ For every bra that people donate to the Marie Keating Foundation, our sponsor Roche, will donate €1 to the Foundation. It’s a great campaign and a brilliant way to support the Marie Keating Foundation.

For more on the Sleep Pink initiative and to see how you can help, click here for a list of available products.

In Short: Boyzone and solo sensation Ronan Keating is on board for another month of Sleep Pink at Harvey Norman Ireland. Here’s what he had to say

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