Myles Away!


Today, 4th April 2017, is D-Day for Harvey Norman’s Myles Campion.

Myles checked in with us today to let us know that weather conditions are good – at minus 30 degrees! – and Myles and his team will be dropped off at 89 degrees North to start an adventure of a lifetime!

Over the last day or two Myles has had some last minute training; setting up a camp and testing the stove, practicing the managing of his clothing in freezing temperatures and we’re happy to report that everything was in full working order!

Top of the agenda was food! Myles’ shopping list includes freeze dried meals from Drytech like Real Turmat Beef Stew and Real Turmat Beef and Potato, and plenty of other high carbohydrate foods including biscuits and crisps. Each food bag contains 5000 calories, a reasonable amount when you consider that Myles will burn up to 700 calories per hour as he travels towards the North Pole.


In addition to having to contend with the harsh terrain and freezing temperatures, Myles will also have to deal with 24 hours of sunlight. However, he’s more than prepared and of course he has the Garmin Fenix 3 to keep track of the time.

Did you know Myles is the first Irish person to climb the highest mountain in the Arctic Circle; Mount Gunnbjørn (4800m), a remote rocky peak protruding through glacial ice. We have the utmost confidence in Myles and his ability to conquer yet another indomitable region of Earth, and we’ll be giving updates on what life is like at the top of the world as we get them via a satellite phone to the base and then to us!

From all of us here at Harvey Norman, good luck and Godspeed!



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