Myles Campion Takes His First Steps Towards the North Pole

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The Harvey Norman Adventurer has departed Ireland! Haven’t heard about the Harvey Norman Adventurer, Myles Campion? You can read the full story here! He began the first leg of his journey yesterday and we can confirm he has landed safely in Oslo, Norway!

Next stop: Longyearbyen, an island North of Norway, where Myles will meet the rest of the team and some last minute prep, polar training for adventure and the unknown.


Before he left we asked Myles about what kind of preparation he undertook to ensure he was ready for the long days of travelling in arduous conditions: “I’ve been in training since September; I head up to the Wicklow mountains and pull several tyres around for 6 hours to simulate the 6 hours I’ll be pulling the pulk through snow and ice each day. However nothing can quite prepare you for the cold!”

Prepare to fail or fail to prepare…

The Kit at home

Of course, all the preparation in the world will do you no good if you are without the essential items needed to survive such a hostile environment.

In addition to the all-important snow jacket and snow boots, Myles’ kit also includes ski poles, a large and durable rucksack, thermos flasks, eating utensils and navigation tools such as a very high-tech compass.

Myles is bringing a powerful digital camera with him so you can expect to see some stunning pictures from his journey on the blog next month!

We’re all big foodies here at Harvey Norman so we were naturally quite curious about the freeze dried food Myles will eat to ensure he has enough energy to meet his daily distance targets.

According to Myles, freeze dried food “isn’t too bad”, which is good to know considering he’ll be burning up to 700 calories per hour (best workout ever!) and will need to eat plenty to keep his strength up.

From all of us here at Harvey Norman, we are proud he’ll be flying the flag for Harvey Norman on the North Pole!

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