Harvey Norman Goes to the North Pole

Mount Harvey Norman

The North Pole is not only one of the most inhospitable areas on Earth but also one of the most beautiful and serene.

Countless generations of explorers and adventurers have travelled to the northernmost point of the planet so they could witness the wonder of this very special place.

On the 30th of March 2017, Harvey Norman’s very own Bedroom Cabinetry Buyer & Manager, Myles Campion, will join the small group of Irish people who have traversed the North Pole when he takes on the challenge to ski the Last Degree to the North Pole.

The journey is approximately 120km, and will see Myles and a team of 7 others battle unfathomable cold, pressure ridges, leads and drifting ice as they attempt to ski the last degree to the top of the world.

Thankfully, Myles is well prepared for the journey as when he’s not travelling across the world buying the finest hand crafted cabinetry for Harvey Norman Ireland or spending time with his family, Myles likes to participate in Adventure Climbing.

Myles started Adventure Climbing 12 years ago with his friend Bill Roberts, and in the years since the duo have climbed some of the most dangerous and difficult mountains in the world.

Indeed, Myles is quite the accomplished climber and has a number of impressive achievements under his belt; he was the first Irish person to climb Mount Gunnbjørn, the highest mountain in the Arctic Circle, he has climbed Mount Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe, and climbed 10 unclimbed mountains under the extreme conditions of the Arctic Circle, naming and registering one of the mountains as Mount Harvey Norman in 2011!

Myles is undertaking the journey with a member of the Norwegian Polar Institute and plans to collect data along the way in an effort to determine the effect of global warming on the Artic Sea.

Speaking about his preparation for this incredibly trying trip, Myles said:

“I’ve been in training since September; I head up to the Wicklow mountains and pull several tyres around for 6 hours to simulate the 6 hours I’ll be pulling the pulk through snow and ice each day. However nothing can quite prepare you for the cold.”

With temperatures of 35°, and lows reaching minus 50° during wind chills, Myles acknowledges that the cold will be the biggest challenge he faces. That and avoiding polar bears of course!

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish Myles all the best in his spectacular undertaking and we can’t wait to see the pictures he takes during his incredible journey to the North Pole.

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