Measure Your Perfect Pillow


Continuing on with our posts in relation to World Sleep Month, it’s time for another top tip. Now that we have outlined the importance of a tailored mattress as the best foundation for a peaceful sleep, let’s move up a level to another crucial aspect of how you sleep. Your pillow. Often disregarded as an insignificant element of the sleep cycle; the shape, size and components of your pillow can greatly affect sleep quality.

Harvey Norman’s collaboration with consultant osteopath, Dr Kulwinder Bajwa has expanded our sleep studio to include an in-store Pillow Measuring Service. Here’s how it works:

Have a Seat

A trained member of staff will ask you to sit down and put your hands across your chest.

Crossing your hands serves several functions:

1) It ensures that everyone is measured in the same way thus enabling an accurate, repeatable and consistent process.

2) It rounds the shoulders, which emulates the natural ‘sleeping on your side’ position of the body.

Find Out Your Size

Using our scientifically designed device, the staff member will decipher the correct pillow size in accordance with your head and shoulder measurements to ensure the optimum size pillow is fitted for you. The sizes range from 1 to 5 with size 2 being the most common result. The assistant will ask you whether you sleep on your side or back as your sleeping position will be factored into the reading. It’s as simple as that! The process takes a few minutes and could change the way you sleep forever. 

Pick a Pillow

The final part is entirely up to you. With four types of sumptuous pillows available, you can choose a filling to suit your comfort preference:

Premium Visco


Feather & down

Comfi pillow

Why not sample it on one of our lovely mattresses to help you decide! If you’re not convinced, find out what Ireland’s golfing legend thought when he visited our Carrickmines store. 

Check back in for more sleep tips in celebration of World Sleep Month.

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