What Type of Sleeper Are You?


Continuing on with our blogs in celebration of World Sleep Month, we’ve been thinking about the many different types of sleepers out there. Sleeping on the right mattress greatly contributes to the quality and duration of your sleep. Whether you starfish the bed or snuggle up under a mountain of blankets, here are some simple signs to watch out for in order to determine what type of sleeper you are before you begin shopping for a new mattress.

Luxurious sleeper

Is your dream mattress a sumptuous cloud-like surface you can curl up into a ball on? Then you deserve to lounge on the lap of luxury. Look for ingredients such as top-grade viscoelastic, plush fillings and sinkable toppers that will make your slumber dreams come true. Our Millennium Deluxe is the queen of viscoelastic sleep surfaces… the only problem you’ll have is trying to leave this cosy nest in the morning! 

Hot Sleeper

Do you wake up in a sweat to find your duvet strewn across the floor? Before you install an AC system in your bedroom, think about investing in a temperature regulating mattress. Gel beads have heat deflecting properties that distribute heat to areas that need it more, like your feet, while maintaining an overall optimum body temperature tailored to you. 

Natural Sleeper

Do you have allergies or find yourself tossing and turning during the night? Many mattresses boast natural materials and hypoallergenic properties that repel dust, mites and other allergens for a more breathable and hygienic sleep surface. Look out for Tencel, silk damask, cotton and even aloe vera which all boast organic credentials that induce a naturally deeper sleep. 

Solid Sleeper

The supportive component in a mattress comes in the form of the spring system. Depending on your needs, it’s important to ensure that your mattress is providing you with the correct type and amount of support. 

Types of spring systems:

Bonnell springs are the tried and tested traditional spring system used in mattresses for decades, providing consistent support and shape no matter how much you toss and turn.

Dual coils feature an outer coil and tighter inner coil for added deep down support; ideal for those who need a firm surface to sleep on.

Pocket springs work individually to contour to your body and evenly distribute weight as you sleep. They also absorb movement as you toss and turn for minimum partner disturbance.

Viscoelastic responds to heat and pressure, moulding to your body and evenly distributing its weight. It relieves pressure points and provides spinal support, for a super comfortable and reviving sleep.

Consider your partner’s needs too and choose a bed with minimal motion disturbance like our Comfi Pocket mattress:

We highly recommend visiting your local store and speaking with our staff before choosing your new mattress. Our sleep specialists are experts in their field and can help determine which mattress suits you by asking some simple questions.

Here’s the fun part! Make sure to sample the range of mattresses on offer. You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it first, so it works the same for a mattress that you’ll be sleeping on every night for the next 8 years at least!

Research shows that it takes at least 30 nights for the body to adjust to a new mattress. This is why we offer a 40 Night Comfort Guarantee that gives you the freedom to exchange it for a more suitable one. Keep our terms and conditions in mind before you purchase.

Come and visit us at your local Harvey Norman store or shop online today and we’ll find the perfect mattress for you!

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