It’s Officially World Sleep Month!


March 1st marks the beginning of World Sleep Month. Established by the World Sleep Foundation, their aim is to create awareness about a global sleeplessness epidemic and to promote sleep education around the world.  

This month, we will be sharing the many benefits of sleep by posting tips and advice on how you can improve your sleeping habits. Many people are unaware of the effect sleep has on various areas of their lives, from mental health to productivity, the list is ever growing.

Check out our list below to find out what impact sleep has on your life and learn how to use it as a solution to many of your problems!

Save on GP visits

While you’re sleeping, the body is fast at work repairing any damage caused during the day by producing extra protein to strengthen your immune system. This protects you from bacteria or pollutants that you may have been exposed to during the day, keeping you healthy and happy.

Many athletes and sports professionals are advised by coaches and health specialists to ensure they get the optimum sleep required in order to be in peak condition. This is especially important to repair injuries suffered during training in order to be back in action by the time game day rolls around!

Our Thermopure bed has been recommended as a top choice for sports stars thanks to gel-infused visco-elastic technology that targets pain points and relieves pressure.


Keep cravings at bay

Say goodbye to midnight snacks! Weight conscious folk should review their bedtimes as recent studies have discovered that lack of sleep contributes to increased hunger levels the next day. If you’ve had a disturbed night then this can lead to an overproduction of ghrelin; which is commonly known as the hunger hormone. This means that by hitting the hay 1 or 2 hours earlier than usual it can help you resist a generous 300 calories the next day.


Boost memory

We absorb tonnes of information every day. From new words and phrases to techniques in your Pilates class, there’s a lot to soak up. Many people are under the impression that our brain goes to sleep along with our bodies at night but this couldn’t be more untrue. During the night our minds are actively filtering through the information we’ve encountered that day. In order to complete this task, the brain needs 7-9 hours but if you’re skipping the ZZZ’s then there’s a greater chance you won’t retain certain information, making it much harder to learn new skills and progress at work or school.


Be less cranky

You know the feeling. Waking up exhausted and irritated after a Netflix binge until the early hours of the morning. Starting your day in this way can lead to a wave of emotions from anger and stress to even becoming upset out of the blue. Alter your sleeping habits to guarantee a lengthy and undisturbed snooze that results in a refreshed and more energised awakening.


Make better decisions  

Avoid rash actions and regrets by catching up on your beauty sleep. Helping someone make a decision by telling them to “sleep on it” isn’t just an expression. Sleep loss affects how you think, your attention and your ability to solve problems. Allowing your mind to rest overnight can lead to a clearer thought process come morning. So whether you’re concerned about a relationship issue or struggling to find a solution to a work problem, put it to the back of your mind (literally!) and review it with a fresh outlook after a good slumber.


Check back in with us throughout the month of March for more tips and facts to help you sleep soundly.

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