Giving Up TV One Day a Week Could Have Huge Health Benefits


There’s no doubt that we could all do with getting a little more exercise. Increasingly sedentary jobs and the insidious power of Netflix as well as superior TV efforts keep us glued to various places of rest, and put a serious strain on our middles.

A new report by NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) presents that very information – we’re spending far too much time sitting around staring at screens, be they work monitors or TV sets at home.

A lack of activity all day naturally leads to weight gain and the dangers thereafter are manifold – from increased risk of heart attacks and stroke to diabetes and even cancer. The message is clear, we need to move for our own health.

One solution is being more active in work – set a timer for 90 minutes to two hours and get away from your computer every time it goes off. Go for a walk about the office, do some stretches or just wander to the water cooler and back. It will do every part of you good, including helping to clear your head.

Another guideline might be more difficult to accept for the binge-watching generation – taking a day off TV a week could have significant health benefits. NICE encourages people to take some time and pride in dinner time, rather than cramming fast food into your face while slouching in front of a screen.

You could also use the time off to increase your weekly exercise intake, either by joining a class or just going for a long walk outdoors.

The main takeaway from the research and recommendations is an important guideline, and one that’s far more fundamental than any complicated dieting tip. Quite simply, the key to a healthier lifestyle is to consume less calories than you burn through everyday. And without eating nothing but lettuce or spending your every waking hour in the gym you can tweak your personal diet and lifestyle to create a benefit that could have lasting effects throughout your life.

You can read this comprehensive document here.

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In Short: We spend almost all of our lives these days sitting in front of various screens, and this has serious knock on effects on our future health

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