Connected Health – Losing Inches With Wi-Fi Scales


Wearables like the Apple Watch may be grabbing all the headlines these days but huge strides are also being made in various types of fitness-tracking devices.

Some of these you wear around the body – as a watch or strapped to your show – but others still could have a full time place in your home. And one such innovation is the smart scale.

These machines, such as the Fitbit Aria and Withings Smart Body Analyzer, replace your normal weighing scales and perform the function you would expect. But they also do a whole lot more, and in some really smart ways.

For a start, these devices will sync to your home Wi-Fi and to an online account that can be accessed via your smartphone or computer. This app tracks your weight progress and helps to let you see the effect of your workout. They’ll also make note of body fat and even your BMI, giving you a comprehensive overview of the progress you’re making.

The applications are powerful and detailed, and you can even share updates via social media if you’re that sort of person. Little touches make the most of the smart technology, like automatically recognising up to 8 people the second they step on the scales

There are more surprises lurking in scales like Withings’ Smart Body Analyser. In addition to syncing and measuring your weight, it’s even capable of taking note of the air quality in the room. In fact, Whithings recommends you leave the Smart Body Analyser in your bedroom so it can get an idea of the CO2 levels and whether you’re getting a good night’s sleep.

Wi-Fi scales even play well with wearables and fitness trackers. If you sync all your information to the same source you’ll find graphs and graphics which track every aspect of your workout.

Best of all, these scales are incredibly easy to use – syncing over Wi-Fi in seconds and requiring little more than stepping onto the surface to get the fitness ball rolling.

You can find out more about the Fitbit Aria and Withings Smart Body Analyzer at Harvey Norman here.

In Short: Tracing your fitness on your runs is a useful thing indeed but what of seeing the actual long term effects of your new lifestyle. Step up Wi-fi Scales!

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