The Top Gadgets for a January Detox

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January is here and as much as we loved every minute Christmas cheer, it’s time to get back to the real world and start off a new year as you mean to go on.

For some that means a new fitness routine, for others a little more care and attention to their diet. Or you might feel like a bit of a detox to help keep those energy levels up to avoid the ever-present colds being passed around. Whatever your plan is, Harvey Norman has you covered.

We’re here to help you kickstart your January detox with these great gadgets.

Morphy Richards Spiralizer

It’s fair to say that we could all do with eating more vegetables and spiralizing is a simple and easy way to increase your intake everyday.

Basically, this handy machine gives you an alternative to the high carb count of pasta by creating noodles out of your vegetables! This makes it a doddle to get a whole lot of extra nutrition and it’s really tasty too.


It’s easy to get into bad habits with food, especially over Christmas, and it’s just as easy to make a change, especially if you’re using a Nutribullet.

Just get all of fruit or vegetables you’d like to be eating in a day and use the powerful blades to break them down into a highly nutritious drink in seconds. Nutribullet even pulverises seeds and stems to extract extra goodness.

Fitbit Charge 2

While you’re taking some time to improve your diet, it’s a good time to consider adding a little more exercise to your daily routine. And the Fitbit Charge 2 is here to help.

This handy wearable keeps track of everything you do, so you always know exactly how well you’ve been doing and where you could improve. It also gives you a handy reminder when you’ve been sitting still for too long, and keeps all the information in a smartphone app for easy reference.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scales

Fitbit has a whole range of products to make your fitter life as simple as possible, and the Aria Wi-Fi Scales are a great addition for people of any level.

These smart scales give you an overview of your weight, body fat and BMI over time, all synced to your phone. That means you get a more accurate picture of your improvement over time, regardless of the odd cheat day!

George Foreman Family Grill

Get fast food without the guilt thanks to the special design which makes the George Foreman Grill one of the best around.

It’s all about the heated bottom plate which helps to remove the fat by channeling it away from the food while it cooks. You get dinner and snacks made in no time, and the family grill fits up to give portions for more food and less fatty stuff.

Push your Fitness Further with some help from us this year.


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