Fitbits Will Now Track Virtual Exercise!



The tech world is constantly changing, and it increasingly has an impact on how we live our lives everyday. Virtual Reality for example was a huge growth area in 2016 and it’s continuing to create innovation in areas as diverse as travel and healthcare.

VR also has applications for fitness, with the potential for using headsets and training equipment to get the experience of the great outdoors while exercising, without having to leave your home!

Now there’s a new piece of connective tissue between two innovative technologies, with the news out of CES that Fitbit devices will soon be capable of tracking virtual workouts.

The wearables will be able to sync with a VR headset and an exercise bike system to log distance, calories burnt and more – all based on the workout you’ve done in a totally virtual world. It’s an incredible application of the technology and another small glimpse of the future of connected devices and how they’ll help us lead better and healthier lives in the future.

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