Fitness Tracking Fingerwear is Incoming!


Fitness trackers are a great way to get more active with ease. They’re totally accessible and give you plenty of information for your every movement, no matter how small.

If you ever felt like the fitness trackers of today were a little too large or obvious for your liking, the technology could be about to become a lot more subtle with the arrival of fitness tracking fingerwear!

A company called Motiv is showing off a new product at CES 2017, a stylishly simple ring in steel or rose gold which has seriously sophisticated tech inside.

The Motiv will track your steps and heart rate and keep a beady eye on exactly how active you are throughout the day. It’s totally waterproof and is interested in your sleeping patterns as well, so there’s no need to ever take it off – except for charging every five days or so.

There’s huge potential for new technology in the wearable world, and this could bring smart tracking to a whole new range of people. The Motiv is at the CES trade show this week. 

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