Push Your Fitness Further with Fitbit



Take on the challenge to improve your fitness this new year, and get some extra help with Fitbit.

They’re the leading name in fitness tracking with a range of products that are designed to be simple to use and powerful enough to keep up with your every move.

If you’re serious about getting more exercise, or even training for something more challenging, a fitness tracker is an absolute must and the Fitbit Charge 2 is a great place to start.

It’s a slim band which goes around your wrist that’s stylish and still manages to include advanced heart rate monitoring while you’re on the move. It tracks workouts and gives you an up to the second look at your calorie burn and keeps an eye on it all day – the band even takes note of your sleep at night!

The smart face on the Charge 2 can be changed to suit your style and you can get notifications from your smartwatch right on the screen. It will even let you know when you’ve been sitting still for too long, so you can get up and moving.

The Fitbit Aria is the perfect partner for the Charge 2. This smart Wi-Fi weighing scales takes note of your progress towards a desired weight but also measures BMI and body fat. The daily results are logged with your smartphone, and a handy app helps to give you an idea of your progress over time.

This can help hugely with those days when you might have overindulged – rather than worrying about a single setback, you can see that you’re getting closer to your goals. And it’s also great to know when you’re putting on muscle too.

You’ll find these fitness products and a whole lot more at Harvey Norman, helping you to Push Your Fitness Further in 2017.


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