Fitness Trackers Calculated How Many Awoke During the Bay Area EarthQuake


You can’t argue with these results. It’s officially difficult (but not impossible) to sleep through an earthquake.

Fitness tracker manufacturer Jawbone has released a chart which highlights a massive spike in wide-awake users in the very early hours of Sunday morning AKA the instance when a 6.0 earthquake shook the Bay area all the way from San Francisco to Napa.

Given this was the strongest seismic activity to rock California for more than a quarter century, Jawbone’s analysts were keen to quantify the collective effect of this temblor upon sleeping patterns. Thus by looking at the data recorded by all Jawbone UP wearers in the Bay Area, the following chart was produced.

At only 15 miles from the epicentre, 93% of wearers in the cities of Napa, Sonoma and Fairfield awoke at 3:20am, when the tremors began. Even at almost 50 miles away in San Francisco, over 50% of wearers were disturbed from their sleep. Naturally, as the tremor dispersed, fewer and fewer wearers were woken by the earthquake, with only about 10% waking in Modesto (75 miles from epicentre) and Cruz (100 miles from epicentre).

Obviously, given the momentous event, it took a while for all disturbed Jawbone Up wearers to return to normal sleeping patterns. However, 45% of wearers within the aforementioned 15 mile resident stayed up for the rest of the night.

While we wish all those affected by the Bay Area Quake a speedy recovery, the data is fascinating. If you’re interested in tracking your own sleep, you can pick up the Jawbone UP Activity Tracker right here, at

In Short: An earthquake struck the Bay City area last Sunday and Jawbone was able to chart how many Jawbone UP wearers were disturbed by the tremors

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