How To Rid Your Home of Smokey Smells


Whether your habit is twenty-a-day or making toast that only a fire-alarm would eat, there’s no denying the smell of smoke is quite a lingering one, especially in the home. It’s not only an unpleasant scent, it also clings to surfaces, clothing and upholstery like, well, a bad smell and once the smoke has made a home for itself, it can be quite difficult to evict.

We’ve devised some handy tips to follow when it’s time to eliminate those nasty scents.

Home remedies

Often the answer to our problems can be sitting right in front of us without even realising. In this case, the solution can be found in our kitchen cupboards. Vinegar has long been used as a domestic odour eliminator and it’s certainly the most pocket-friendly solution too. It may seem counterproductive to mask one smell with another, but vinegar doesn’t just cover it up, it absorbs the particles to neutralise the odour. There are various ways in utilising this condiment to combat that charcoal stench, and I don’t mean drizzling extra over burnt chips, there’s slightly more of a DIY factor to the process. 

  1. Mix equal parts vinegar with equal parts water and fill a spray bottle with the mixture. If you are re-using a bottle, clean it out thoroughly or run it through a dishwasher cycle to completely rid the bottle of any residue.
  2. Spritz the liquid throughout the smokey room.
  3. Aerate the room by leaving the windows open for a couple of hours. Notice a much fresher air once the vinegar whiff has disappeared!

To maintain a clean atmosphere and prevent sticky vapours from returning, invest in an air purifier to keep your home consistently ventilated. The Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower captures odours and allergens while purifying the air leaving you with nothing but clean and healthy surroundings.

Tackling Home Furnishings

Stubborn smells love to set up residence in soft furnishings. If you have an open fire in your sitting room then you’ll be quite familiar with how significantly smoke sticks to upholstery. Thankfully there are certain measures you can take to help banish the smell without having to refurbish your apartment!

Another quick-fix ingredient that you might find in your kitchen is baking soda. Dust a generous amount over your sofa and leave to absorb overnight. Baking soda acts similarly to vinegar by means of absorption and elimination. However, fabrics require a little more effort as smoke permeates the whole through. The next day, vacuum the sofa thoroughly to extract every last particle. This works on most upholstery from carpets to curtains.

If your carpet requires a more intense deep clean, then it may be time to bring in the not-so-heavy machinery. Save yourself the time and hassle with the Vax Multifunction Carpet Cleaner. Living up to its name, it lifts dirt from deep crevices, washes fabric and can be used on a variety of surfaces from carpet to hard floors and even upholstery. That’s a knockout combination guaranteed to exterminate smoke and many other unwanted guests in your home – except for the noisy neighbours, unfortunately.

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