Five Real Health Benefits of Coffee


Yes you read that title correctly – the words ‘health’ and ‘coffee’ are really appearing in the same sentence. And that’s because after years of treating the black stuff as a harmful and addictive substance, new research is suggesting that coffee may have few negative effects and might even be able to keep you healthier for longer!

Here are a few of the top health benefits of coffee.

1. It Can Make You Smarter

There’s no doubt that coffee fans are a lot sharper after they’ve had their morning fix but they could actually be performing better. The caffeine in coffee stimulates those neurons in the brain and gets the firing faster, leading to improvements in memory, reaction time and general thought processing. Coffee makes you work better!

2. It Can Help You Burn Fat

While it’s getting the brain going, coffee also gives the body the kickstart it needs by raising your metabolism. It also helps to burn away fatty acids which helps to avoid weight gain. And for those who are planning on some vigorous exercise later in the day, studies suggest that they could increase their performance by more than 10 percent with a dose of caffeine.

3. It Can Help You Avoid Diabetes

One of the most surprisingly new discoveries about coffee is its link to Type II Diabetes. And for once its good news and definitive news – drinking coffee can reduce your risk of developing the condition by up to a massive 67 percent. In this case, the more coffee you drink the lower the changes of developing Diabetes, according to a massive and comprehensive study. So go nuts!

4. It Can Help You Get More Nutrients

Coffee may be considered a treat by most people, but its actually the most readily available source or antioxidants available in the average Western diet. That’s right, actually better than regular fruit and veg. You’ll also find a surprising number of vitamins and minerals are present in most blends, straight from the coffee bean.

5.It Can Genuinely MakeYou Happy

Most coffee lovers will be on board with this one, whether its savouring a cup while snuggled up with a book or getting that kick after a rough morning commute. But there’s biochemical magic in that blend, giving you a minor boost to the levels of serotonin and dopamine, both linked to personal happiness. On a bigger scale, it could have a positive effect on the symptoms of depression and even lead to lower instances of suicide.

It’s not quite so simple to say that coffee is the healthiest drink on the planet, and many of these benefits depend on no more than four cups a day. Moderations is key here, as in many things in life, but its good to know that coffee can be another positive part of an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

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In Short: Long thought to be addictive and harmful, new research suggests that coffee may actually be good for you, and even makes you a happier person!

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