Stay Fit at College With Connected Health

It’s time to get back to college, or start for the first time, and that means many things to different people but staying fit probably isn’t one of them.

And it’s very easy to get into the habit of avoiding exercise, so we’ve got some handy tips for the new semester.

Sometimes it’s good to keep things simple. While you could check out the nearest gym or pool and sign up for a yearly membership, the chances are that’s going to lapse pretty quickly.

Instead why not take the opportunity to join one of the clubs or societies in the college? There are plenty of fun activities which also get you up and out and exercising, including hill walking, climbing, trampolining and any kind of sport.

Anything that gets you moving is an advantage, and you might even find that’s it’s a good antidote to studying or a great way to get an energy boost if you’ve had a few late nights.

Connected fitness trackers are a great way to keep on top of how much exercise you’re getting, even if it’s something as simple as reminding you that you’re just a couple of hundred steps short of that magical 10,000.

The Fitbit Blaze tracks your stats in rare style, including passive heart rate monitoring so you’ll have more info to check on the connected app. It ensures you’re working out at peak levels (if you want to) and has a gorgeous touch screen for all your information, as well as sleep tracking and smartwatch functions like displaying texts and controlling your music.

Get the Garmin Forerunner 235 to link up with Garmin Connect- letting you get an overview of your progress. You can also compete against your friends to see who gets the most steps, and find all the info you need at a glance thanks to the large and colourful display. And the battery lasts for days. 
These are just a couple of the connected health devices which can help you keep fit this year, and you’ll find plenty more, as well as the best buying advice, at Harvey Norman.
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