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In our busy modern world it’s very easy to become lazy when it comes to health and nutrition. Snack foods are everywhere, with tasty options that provide us with instant satisfaction but ultimately little more than empty calories.

It can be tough to remember that our bodies have basics needs, including regular portions of fruit and vegetables. Even if you don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal everyday, you can get some extra help with personal blending.

These solutions help you to get a large influx of fresh fruit and/or vegetables in a way that’s not only really good for you but also efficient too. Check out our top blending products.

Sage the Boss to Go

If you’ve ever thought your smoothie could be a little more… smooth, Sage the Boss To Go has you covered. It has special Kinetix blade and bowl system which produces significantly finer particles.

That not only makes your smoothies taste even better but it also makes it easier to digest, ensuring the nutrients get into your system as quickly and efficiently as possible. A powerful motor ensures quick results and the tumblers have smoothed off edges for a more comfortable drinking experience.

Nutribullet Extractor  

Get all the nutrients with the Nutribullet. This system breaks down fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and more, even taking apart those fibrous parts so you can get it all in an easily digestible form.

It’s also incredibly simple to use, with the cup twisting directly onto the bladed machine. That means you just twist it off and your drink is ready to go, while you also save on the mess of cleaning.

Breville Blend Active

If you’re ready to get on the move right now, it sounds like a job for the Breville Blend Active. This neat little device features a high power motor with the blade situated right in the cap of the included sports bottles.

That means after a few seconds of blending you just replace the cap with a leak proof lid and you’re on your way to your walk, the gym or wherever. What’s more it’s all fully dishwasher safe so you’ll have less mess than ever before.

A full range of personal blenders can be found at Harvey Norman now.




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