Stay Cool and Breathe Better this Summer with Dyson Fans

The year has turned and quite suddenly its summertime. Even if that doesn’t mean endlessly sunny days, it pretty much ensures that being indoors is going to get a little uncomfortable.

Whether at home or work there’s a real stillness to the air, and nights can be the worst. Thankfully there’s an easy fix, with one of a range of Dyson fans.

Dyson is the leader of the pack when it comes to fans of all shapes and sizes. Their advanced technology is designed to draw in and release air more efficiently, providing better results for you.

If you’re after personal cooling, the Dyson Cold Desk Fan should be your first port of call. This unit will easily rest on a desk or table and provides powerful yet quiet results so you won’t be bothered by the rattle of a fan.

There’s no blade to catch your fingers, with the patented Air Multiplier technology ensuring an even and powerful flow and you’ll even get a handy remote control plus a sleep timer to ensure it switches off after a certain interval.

Models like the Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk also provide unrivaled removal of potential allergens from the atmosphere, purifying the air as it is cooled. This also gets rid of up to 99.95 percent of bacteria and even pet dander and it’s great for nasty odours too.

This powerful cleaning is tracked and reported back to your mobile app so you can be secure in the knowledge that it’s working, while also allowing you total control from anywhere in the world.

In addition to being extremely warm during the summer months, our homes are also more pollutant filled than ever before. This is due to the advances made in home and window insulation- good news in the winter but less so in the summer.

To make a real difference to your whole home, or any larger space, it’s time to turn to the power of the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower. This larger device can make a vast difference to the quality of the air around you, and will update your smartphone app on the quality of the environment.

So whether you want to keep cool or improve the quality of the air around you, check out the Dyson range at Harvey Norman now.

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