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While the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport were good, it was clear that there was room for some improvement. TomTomrsquo;s 2014 refresh of its GPS watch with the TomTom Cardio Multisport GPS Watch brings the features that you may know and love from before, but also comes with an ace up its sleeve in the form of a built-in heart rate monitor.

Runners can now leave behind the occasionally uncomfortable chest strap and just hit the road, spending more time actually running and monitoring their heart rates than messing with the strap and trying to pair it with a watch. Not only that, but the heart rate monitor is very accurate and usually pretty quick to get an initial reading. The reading is then displayed and updated on the watchrsquo;s face in real time.

This means that you can train in your optimal heart rate zone, whether thatrsquo;s easy, fat burn, endure, speed or sprint, and monitor your performance to see if you need to slow down or if you can push yourself that little bit more. You can target a specific training zone and the watch will vibrate to alert you if yoursquo;ve drifted from this zone.

Knowing your resting heart rate, max heart rate and exercise recovery heart rate is hugely beneficial as these can tell you if yoursquo;re doing sufficient work to burn off fat or become more athletic. A lesser known benefit of knowing your exercise recovery heart rate is that it can act as one of the biggest predictors of cardiovascular health.

The TomTom Cardio Multisport GPS Watch works for runners, cyclists and swimmers and can help them achieve their goals or act as an additional motivational tool for their chosen method of keeping fit. It tracks some common metrics, but also statistics directly related to that activity. Those competing in triathlons will certainly appreciate the multi-discipline approach.

GPS means that the watch is capable of calculating location, elevation and speed data quite accurately, though you will have to wait around for between 20 to 30 seconds for it to acquire a signal. Post-workout, you can dock the watch on your desktop, or share your data with the companion iOS app over Bluetooth to get an overview of your statistics.

The Cardio Multisport GPS Watch is a statement of intent from TomTom, showcasing that it is taking fitness seriously. The heart rate monitor is convenient, much more comfortable thanks to being built in to the watch and, most importantly, itrsquo;s accurate. Keeping an eye on your heart rate when exercising is hugely important, regardless of your goals, and itrsquo;s clear that TomTom had its target market firmly in mind when it designed the Cardio Multisport GPS Watch.

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In Short: TomTom’s Cardio Multisport GPS Watch is a watch designed for runners, cyclists and swimmers with an in-built heart rate monitor. Here’s how it fares.

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