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Fashionable haircuts are always changing, but if there’s one group that you can be assured keep up with the latest trends, or are the cause of them, it’s footballers. With the weather currently emulating that of Brazil, it’s caused us to start thinking about our own follicles and grooming habits. Perhaps it’s time for a new look.

The undercut is one of the more popular looks on and off the field this year. Naturally, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo finds himself at the forefront of this trend; sometimes he combines it with a spiked faux-hawk, sometimes he slicks his hair back, but he’s been utilising the modern undercut well for some time. For alternative takes on the look, check out Wanted singer Siva Kaneswaran and actor Brian Austin Green.

If you fancy a challenge, why not try out the hairstyle that Justin Timberlake managed to make even more popular at the end of last year. The pompadour requires careful crafting with short and tight sides and a good bit of length up top. Everyone from David Beckham to Bruno Mars has tried it over the last number of years and there’s some scope for creativity based on your award-winning personality.

Of course, male grooming isn’t all about the head of hair you’ve got. Not all of us can grow the type of beard being sported by Raul Meireles, but there are some tidier options. Stubble is always in style one way or the other. It gives the impression of not caring, though it does take some maintenance. But when it works, it works; just look at Bradley Cooper and Chris Hemsworth for example.

If there’s one man who knows how to cultivate a look, it’s Robert Downey, Jr. He has been known to sport the Balbo, which combines a moustache, hair on the chin and a soul patch. Yes, you can already imagine the work that goes into maintaining something like this, but it’s practically a work of art. Just be very careful when trimming or all your hard work will be for nought.

If all else fails, just go clean-shaven. No matter what styles you decide to try out, you need the right tools for the job. Maintaining a hair style, facial hair, or body hair takes time and effort, but the right equipment can make it less of a chore.

Tools To Get The Look:

Every style takes a bit of work, unless you’re going for the completely unkempt look, but you’ll have to look hard to find someone who that appeals to. With the summer upon us, it’s unlikely that you want to run the risk of that kind of tan line. Here are a few trimmers and groomers that will help you get rid of unsightly hairs and tidy up the ones that you decide to keep.

In Short: Summer is here, the perfect time to try out a new look, especially with the inspiration seen in Hollywood or throughout the World Cup.

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