Bed Bugs Drawn To – And Deterred By – Certain Colours


“Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” children are often told as they head off for a good night’s rest. But it turns out that there may be a way to protect children from these bed bugs.

According to research published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, bed bugs hate yellow and green. This was found through a series of experiments in which bed bugs were placed in dishes with different colour shelters made out of card.

Interestingly, the bugs took shelter under certain cards, showing a preference for red and black, and avoided yellow and green. These off-putting colours possibly remind them of brightly lit areas that are less safe to hide in, according to the researchers.

Before you invest in yellow sheets for your household, the US researchers say that it’s too soon to say if they can stop them nesting in your bed.

You can find out about a recent Irish study, which found what counties are more likely to be affected by bed bugs, and tips to rid yourself of these critters right here.


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