Don’t Eat Food From Your Floor! The ‘3 Second Rule’ Won’t Save You


We’ve all dropped food on the floor over the course of our lifetime, but some people think that it’s safe to eat provided they get to it within a couple of seconds of it making contact with the ground. But that isn’t the case.

Food safety expert Dr Lisa Ackerley of the University of Salford explained that bacteria sticks to food instantly. Bacteria such as E Coli and Salmonella are called “silent killers” because they’re invisible to the human eye and don’t have an identifiable smell either. Any food that hits the ground should be binned immediately.

Her warning comes after a survey sponsored by steam-cleaner maker Karcher found that 37% of respondents would eat food that’s been dropped on the kitchen floor and slightly more would eat food that fell on the living room floor.

Half of those surveyed rely upon a broom to clean our living spaces, but that isn’t enough. Visiting professor of environmental health at the University of Salford, Dr Ackerley, explained that bacteria can be destroyed through high temperatures, making steam cleaning the way to go. “Regular, small bursts of hygienic cleaning is more important than one big spring clean,” she added.

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