Busy Bodies – The Ultimate On-the-Go Accessory


If you’re rushing out the door on the school run, catching the train to work or trying to cram in a gym session before the rush hour there’s just no time for any kind of fancy refreshment. But nutrition is a hugely important part of your day – whether you’re training for a marathon or juggling home and work life.

So make your day a little easier with a fast and efficient on-the-go solution. Like fully featured blenders and smoothie makers which provide great that you can take with you right away.

The Kenwood Sport Smoothie 2Go is a great example. This machine is dedicated to making nutrient rich smoothies in seconds that are perfect for bringing that essential fuel to training. Just grab the ingredients you want and use the two speed settings to get it to the perfect consistency.

The best part is that the machine includes two 600ml sports bottles which snap right onto the smoothie maker, so all you have to do is twist it off, pop on the cap and you’re good to go!

Or try the Breville Blend & Go Active Blender. This gives you the ability to create all kinds of drinks including tasty slushies, smooth protein draughts and quick smoothies. All the ingredients are blended as finely as you like, and the result is immediately ready in the sports bottles which attach right to the blender.

This saves on time and also avoids the mess of having to transfer the liquid to another container and with two 600ml and two 300ml bottles you’ll have plenty of serving options.

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