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Every time January rolls around, many of us say we’ll change our ways. It could be something as simple as taking 10,000 steps per day or something more extravagant like making wholesale changes to our daily routine. Ignite Research Labs tackled the issue of Ireland’s approach to exercise and food in its first Health & Fitness study of 2016.

Before it turned the magnifying glass on the people of Ireland, it posed a challenge to its own staff: to take 2 million steps in January. With just five days to go, the team has a bit of work to do, but its results to state show that a few of them gave it their all.

As for Ireland as a whole, Ignite asked 1,000 people whether they monitor what they eat and how often they exercise. The study found that just one in five monitors what they eat and exercises regularly. A further 40% exercise at least once per week and monitors their diet. Meanwhile, 12% monitored what they ate, but didn’t exercise.

On the non-foodie side, 28% of respondents said that they don’t monitor their diet with 11% of the response base saying that they don’t exercise or monitor diet. You can find the full breakdown of results from the survey on the Ignite Research Labs website.

If you are planning to change a habit in 2016, you could take inspiration from this report. There are apps available, many for free, that allow you to log the food that you eat so you can keep tabs on your calorie intake and macros. Meanwhile, there is an abundance of activity trackers and pedometers that can help motivate you to reach 10,000 steps per day. Yes, it takes a little effort to get there, but small and gradual changes can make a difference. And with spring and summer on the way, it’ll be far more enticing to get outside and get active.

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