Tips for De-Icing Your Car


The cold weather is most definitely here and it’s becoming harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. Unfortunately your car feels the same way, with ice clogging up the windshield and making it difficult, not to mention dangerous, to drive. Here are our top tips for de-icing your car.

Plan Ahead
If you’re pretty sure there’s going to be a freeze overnight you can take some steps in advance to give you a headstart. Professional covers and tarps will absolutely do the trick but you can also soak an ordinary towel in saltwater solution and place it across the windscreen. Salt lowers the freezing point of water so it’s highly effective, as long as someone won’t feel the need to steal it!

Stick to Luke Warm Water
We’ve all seen people use a boiling kettle of water to get rid of that pesky ice and while it definitely works, there are hidden dangers. The biggest one is the potential for crashing your windshield as the temperature increases rapidly with the increased heat. If you have to use water, just make it luke warm.

Fire up the Engine
This is definitely not the fastest approach but it can be one of the best. Get in the car, switch it on and get that defrost option going. Most cars have one and the application of heat from inside will ensure an even and gradual melting of the ice. You get a completely clear windshield without potential scratches and the car’s all warmed up when you’re ready to leave!

Use a Chemical De Icer
There are lots of alternative methods, from a salty spray to vinegar solution, but de-icer is made specifically for this problem and has been formulated to not cause any damage to your car. And it really does work a treat, dissolving ice in just a few minutes and making it a cinch to remove.

Get Scraping
Any of these methods are good on their own but it will all go quicker with some extra elbow grease. Get a proper ice scraper and go to town on the icy crystals blocking your view. Once one of the other methods starts to loosen up the thick coating you can easily shift it in great satisfying lumps. Do make sure to use a proper scraper with a surface that won’t scratch your car.

Take Your Time
Unfortunately, every now and then you’re going to get caught with a frosted up windscreen when you’re already late. riving without proper visibility is very dangerous, and even more so when there’s ice around, but make sure it’s all clear before you proceed. Even if that means you’re going to miss an appointment.

And after all that, make sure to drive safe in these wintry conditions!

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