Activity Trackers vs GPS Watch – Which is Right for You?


There are a lot of buzzwords floating around on the subject of connected health products which are designed to help you get the most out of your workout. We’re here to sort through the static to find out what kind of device is right for you.

Keeping an eye on your health and fitness can be done in a number of different ways, and two of the most popular are with activity trackers and GPS watches.

There are some important differences between these two devices. For one – activity trackers come in a range of different form factors, including clip on units, as well as bands which can be worn around the wrist. CES 2016 even showed off some clothing which has a tracker built in.


Additionally, fitness trackers are generally concerned with a specific set of metrics while you’re exercising. For example they’ll often note how many steps you’ve taken in a day and break it down in terms of running or jogging based on the movements of an accelerometer inside.

Fitness trackers provide a wealth of information but for those who are truly dedicated to their work outs, a GPS watch might be more useful. These devices sync with global positioning satellites as you walk or run and give you an incredibly accurate breakdown of your route.


That information not only lets you accurately the results on the map, but the GPS can also tell exactly how fast you’re running to add even more data which is synced back to your chosen fitness app.

GPS watches are generally bulkier items and a bit more expensive than activity trackers but some models are sophisticated enough to be able to track this data without being synced with a phone. That means you can go for a run without having to worry about lugging around a heavy handset as well.


There are other features which should also be taken into consideration when choosing a way to track your exercise routine. Some models (both activity tracker and GPS watch) also feature a built in heart rate monitor to help determine when you are exercising optimally.  And there are still others which have smartwatch functionality to display information from your phone like missed calls and texts.

Deciding on one of these devices is a very personal choice and it can be down to specific details like weight, comfort and battery life. The best thing to do is to come down to your local Harvey Norman store where our experienced staff can help you make the right choice. We’ll show you how!

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