Sleep and Work – Improving Your Performance at Work

Get control of your sleeping patterns

Whether you are burning the midnight oil, working late or caring for your family, how you perform the following day will depend on how much healthy sleep you get.

While there are many factors to take into consideration, the type of mattress that you choose to get those valuable chunks of good sleep to feed the body is vital.

What the experts say;

Oklahoma State University research points out, a new mattress significantly impacts the quality of your sleep; further suggesting that consumers should regularly evaluate their mattresses for sufficient comfort and support.

The right mattress

On average, you will spend over 20,000 hours on yourbedduring its 7 year lifespan. If you are sleeping on amattressthat is 5-7 years old and not experiencing a good night sleep, it’s time to change that all important sleeping partner. When your body is not support correctly, does not have the space to move comfortably and fails to provide that comforting embrace at the end of a long day, you are not experiencing the full benefits of healthy sleep.

Start paying off your sleep debt

Losing out on vital hours of sleep, referred to as Sleep Debt, can lead to problems for your health, mood and performance. Naturally these will affect all parts of your life but to ensure top performance and attendance on the job, it’s important to maintain a regular sleep and wake cycle. Depending on the individual, 7.5 – 8.5 hours per night is recommended. Don’t procrastinate work; get it done early so you can go to bed with a clear mind.

Reduce your caffeine intake

Caffeine is a drug. The potency of caffeine is revealed both through its consumption and in symptoms of withdrawal. Caffeine can affect people in different ways. It can be an energy booster which can revive a tired person or help us stay awake during work or demanding tasks. On the down side it does cause irritability, interrupts or delays sleep and one can become dependent on that all important morning coffee to kick start your day! As caffeine diminishes in the body, the blood vessels in the brain expand which can cause you to suffer from headaches, a dropping in energy levels and even a depressed feeling. It takes the body six hours to process the caffeine contained in a medium sized cup of coffee. This is important for those who wish to avoid the sleep complications associated with caffeine. Moderation is key!

Exercise & breaks

Daily exercise is important to keep the body and brain active and alert. Taking breaks on a regular basis to walk around or get fresh air can keep you focused on tasks.It is recommend avoiding extreme sessions of exercise in the last 2 hours at night as your brain will be over active and finding it harder to enter sleep.

Healthy diet

An empty stomach is a major cause of sleepiness in humans. The food affects the hypothalamus gland and regulates its production of sleep causing hormones. A healthy diet during the day will keep you on top of your game and lead to a better night’s sleep. Dehydration also increases the effects of fatigue, while you work you should drink more water during the day. Avoiding large intake at night will reduce disrupted sleep.

Stay focused

If your mind begins to stray, you will start to relax and when suffering from lack of sleep, could find yourself nodding off very quickly. Chewing gum can help to keep the brain active.

A healthy sleep is a key element to a successful career. You spend one-third of your life in bed. Be sure to invest in the best quality and most comfortablemattressyou can afford to ensure a great night’s rest for a healthier, happier and more productive you!

In Short: Many different factors can affect the quality of your nights sleep – including your activity during the day and the all important choice of mattress

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