Newsflash – Cat Videos Are Good For You!


For many people, feeling that extra bit tired of an afternoon has them reaching for the caffeine or sugar – anything to give them a boost to get through the rest of the day.

But these kinds of measures generally don’t work for very long and research has shown that they can have a negative effect on your night’s sleep and long term health. So what should you do? Well the answer is obvious – watch more cat videos.

New information from an American study has shown that watching cute cats being cute releases a hormone into your system called Oxytocin, which makes you feel good. And at the same time it reduces the level of Cortisol – which makes you feel stressed.

The net result is that you feel more relaxed and less stressed after watching cat videos and a better mood can help you beat an afternoon slump.

Other measures suggested by the study include hydration – losing water from your system leads to drowsiness. And drinking more water means more trips to the bathroom which helps to keep you active and moving and less tired!

You could also listen to certain kinds of music to help you stay alert, or even get outside and walk. In fact just increasing the light where you are will ensure your brain feels more awake.

We’re going to stick with the cat videos. In the name of research of course!

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