What is Connected Health?


Anyone trying to take their health more seriously or exercising more is probably coming across the term “Connected Health.” But what does it really mean?

Basically, it is a way of using technology to provide healthcare remotely. This doesn’t necessarily mean connecting with doctors, but instead can act as a way for people to manage their health themselves.

For example, those everyday fitness and step trackers that you see adorning peoples’ wrists, those are connected health devices. These trackers can monitor your health, fitness, and activity to various degrees depending on the model you buy and then connect to your smart device or PC to provide you with data and metrics.

Connected health devices are more technologically advanced than health devices of old. You may have had a pedometer before, but newer devices can monitor your steps, distance, speed, calories burned, heart rate, and more.

Then there are health monitoring products like heart rate monitors or body scales. Connected health scales are more accurate than traditional scales. For example, if you’ve been hitting the gym, you may be gaining muscle. But as muscle weighs more than fat your scale may give you the wrong idea of your progress. Some connected health scales can differentiate between muscle and weight gain.

We are embracing technology and integrating it into our daily lives more and more. It’s unsurprising that it is now helping us to monitor and improve our health and fitness. Connected health is a growing industry, as can be seen from its major presence at tech events and showcases. And it’s not going away any time soon.

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