Top Tips for Picture Perfect Pearly Whites

Source: Women's Health Mag

Dental hygiene and medicine is much more advanced now than it was for previous generations. That means the teeth we get during childhood will most likely stay with us throughout our life. Dentures and veneers will be a thing of the past – or at least a lot less common – so it has never been more important to look after your teeth. It’s not as difficult as you might think; all it takes a good daily routine and avoidance of certain common pitfalls. Check out our top tips below.

The Right Diet

The food and drink you consume directly affects your teeth. First and foremost, we all know sugar is bad. While the occasional treat is perfectly fine, avoid eating high sugar foods like chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks (yes, even the ‘sugar free’ varieties) on a daily basis. Even if you’re meticulous about cleaning your teeth afterwards, it’s still not good for the rest of your body! If you like your teeth to be dazzlingly white, stay away from foods that stain too; these include tea and coffee, wine, sauces, and more.

Regular Checks

A visit to the dentist is nobody’s idea of fun, but six-monthly check ups are vital for ensuring your gnashers stay in the best shape possible. The cost of regular check-ups won’t be as high as the repair work you’ll need if you only go once every few years, so if you think about it, you’re actually saving money! If you find a dentist you like, stick with them and the process will become infinitely easier.

Daily Dental Routine

The most important tip of all is to establish a good dental routine. Just five minutes at the beginning and end of every day is all it takes. After breakfast, brush each side of your teeth (outside, inside, and top – don’t forget the gums too) with a fingernail sized drop of toothpaste, using circular motions. Do the same after your final meal of the day, and follow it up with floss and mouthwash. If your busy workday allows, you can also get in a third cleaning after lunch if you really want to.

A Good Electric Toothbrush

If you’re serious about keeping your pearly whites in tip top condition, an electric toothbrush is the way to go. The bristles rotate faster than your wrist ever could (and with less unnecessary pressure too), allowing for deeper cleaning and enabling you to really concentrate on getting into all those nooks and crannies. The result? A plaque-free mouth as squeaky clean as if you’ve just stepped out of the dentist’s chair.

Need some Help? Check Out our Top Recommendations

For improved gum health in just 14 days and whiter teeth in just 7, the Philips Diamond Clean is an expert choice. Its diamond shaped bristles remove up to 100% more stains, with medium stiffness and gentle massaging to ensure your gums are cleaned effectively yet softly.

Even the best toothbrush can’t get those tiny particles of plaque out from deep between your teeth. The Philips Sonicare Airfloss can however; it gives a short burst of air and micro-water droplets to blast plaque away. When used with a manual toothbrush, it removes up to 99% more plaque than brushing alone, drastically diminishing the risk of gum disease when used regularly.

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