In Between the Sheets – the Nation’s Sleep Habits Revealed

Are you satisfied with your night’s sleep?

A new survey released today, Wednesday, 12th February, reveals some fascinating insights in to the nation’s sleeping habits. The survey conducted by Harvey Norman shows than many of us are just not satisfied with the level of sleep that we are getting and some of us are sleeping on mattresses over 10 years old. Carried out by Harvey Norman in October 2013, the Sleep Better Survey questioned over 6,700 people on their sleep.

Sleep SatisfactionAlmost half (46%) of those surveyed revealed that they only get an average or OK night sleep on a typical night.Only 3% of respondents claimed that they were having a very good night sleep and only 15% claimed that they have agood night sleep. That left 36% of respondents revealing that they typically have a poor or very poor night sleep.

Up and at ‘emA staggering 78% of respondents claimed that they did not feel rested in the morning, with only 22% of respondents waking feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Early to bed, early to rise?Between 11pm to midnight is the preferred bedtime of 45% of respondents.An impressive 51% of respondents wake up between 7am – 7:30am. 19% of respondents wake at 5am and a further 19% of respondents wake at 6am.

Mattress MattersJust 28% of respondents have a mattress between 1-5 years old. While an incredible 40% of respondents have had the same mattress for 10 years or more!

Robbie Auckram, General Manager for Bedding with Harvey Norman said: Mattresses are like pensions – no one wants to discuss them and everyone needs a good one. Getting a good night’s sleep is something that everyone deserves. Ideally we should be changing our mattresses every 5-7 years to ensure that we have the best possible environment for sleep.

In Short: A new survey conducted by Harvey Norman Ireland has revealed some fascinating insights into the sleeping habits of the nation

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